A scarf is super easy to style and it adds a sense of traditional authenticity to your everyday look. But owing to their design most only offer a dated look. Our interpretation of the timeless scarf is given new life with a modern fit and design. The hand woven pieces decorated with recurring traditional embroidery work, continue to define the Veave’s Studio narrative and the heritage of the weaving community of India. Each woven piece is enriched with bold designs in colours reminiscent of the Indian sartorial excellence.

All the scarves in our collection are outrageously easy to style YOUR OWN WAY. In fact, of all the winter accessories that you will eventually splurge on right now, our scarves will easily be the most versatile. Factoring in the countless combinations of tying, tucking and draping, our scarves can literally be worn in a million and one ways. And still look good as new!


The addition of signature boho silhouettes and eclectic detailing like embroidery, tassels and pom-poms are the hallmarks of our scarves whether you go for the Spring-Summer or Autumn-Winter collection. At Veave’s Studio we embrace the spirit of traditions and a modern edge. And so, each piece is super easy to style with traditional ensembles and western outfits.


Worn by dreamers with ultra-feminine and masculine styles, our ready-to-wear scarves are an ode to the traditions of India while always staying ahead of the curve. Every piece that we offer is designed to make the wearer look effortlessly well dressed – and ready for any occasion. Ranging from casual to formal, our scarves go from work to weekend and beyond with ease.

Weaving Past into Present

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