No matter what your style is every room needs well crafted home furnishing products, but choosing the ones that are just right can be tough. Especially if you’re the type to frequently change your home design styles. All the more reason to then invest in products that can be mixed & matched with all types of furniture or home designs.

In the millennial culture, home decorators have found that designing a home for a young family is the way to go forward. It allows for a mix of traditional art forms (such as kantha embroidery, jamdani weave etc.) in geometric patterns and bright colours.

Teori Living home furnishing collection is a medley of natural colours, prints and embroidery. By balancing sophistication, comfort and function, our home furnishing collection allows for your home’s naturally gorgeous vistas to remain unobstructed.

Our home furnishing products are known for their holistic approach in design that was founded on the principles of Wabi Sabi - a Japanese design aesthetic.

Our table runners, table mats, cushion covers and tissue boxes make homes vibrant and modern, never dowdy.

Veave’s Studio believes that when it comes to design decision, it’s best to be a realist. Just like when you put on your favourite clothes you feel good; you should also feel joyous when you decorate your home the way you want to. Teori Living is heavy on modernism, swathed in rich fabrics that combine traditional embroidery & weaving arts of India. These mid-century modern pieces mixed with a cheerful palette of bright colours accentuate the warm sunlight pouring in from the window of your room.

The collection of luxurious home furnishing products that has been developed using sustainably sourced fabrics lends your home an unpretentious rich look. As part of our own tradition and commitment, we have utilized indigenous weaving techniques in all the products in order to promote the weaving community of India and their handwork. The Teori Living home furnishing line defines this as form, function, quality and sustainability in its collection of home furnishing products. To add to the uniqueness, Teori Living is a one-of-a-kind medley of products that adds character and individualism to your entire home. Soothing yet bold, charismatic and as pretty as a picture - the products are an absolute favourite among our loyal customers, leaving an indelible mark in their memories.

In addition, to help conserve the limited resources Earth has to offer, Veave’s Studio launched the home furnishing line of products. Products such as Table Mats, Table Runners, Cushion Covers and Tissue Boxes are all made using fabrics that would have been discarded. As Veave’s Studio converts “recycled fabric” into home furnishing products, there are lesser wastes to be disposed off overall. Textile waste would have been otherwise disposed onto land - creating more problems than solving them. In addition, since Veave’s Studio makes use of natural dyes using vegetables, it decreases the chances of harmful decomposition of textile.

Moreover, it’s found in their product line that the entire collection presents embroidered and hand woven fabric which no doubt are recycled textiles and a good sustainable practice. This kind of practice is beneficial to the environment and highly recommended in the textile industry. Also, it allows for reduced carbon footprint left behind thereby reducing the overall cost of manufacturing textiles.

Come discover the entire line of table mats, table runners, cushion covers and tissue boxes on our online store:

Weaving Past into Present

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