Veave’s Studio is a contemporary brand presenting a sense of simplicity and timeless charm in all its products. As a natural progression while starting out, I found a precious connect with the Indian handloom, traditional fabrics, intricate weaving & embroidery techniques. In fact, I met with thousands of precious weaving communities while travelling through the length and breadth of India. And my keen interest in understanding their hard work and spending time working with them allowed us to cultivate a mutually understandable comfort level. And it’s this similar sense of comfort and pride that I like to share across through each of our stoles and scarves. With designs inspired by the fascinating tales from across India and the natural (and sometimes abstract) enchantment of mother Earth, I hope that our designer stoles and scarves have a deep resonance with you. 

Our large collection of scarves for women and stoles for men adopts the excitement of traditional production techniques with the vibrant design aesthetics of modernism.

We offer a wide range of contrasting designs and colours to highlight the beauty of the fabrics. This allows for our customers to visually absorb the collections in every category of weaving, embroidery and fabric, and customise their entire ensemble accordingly. Our products exhibit the impeccable craftsmanship, inventiveness and subtle noticeable sophistication of Indian textiles.

Our store is in Varanasi, allows the customers the opportunity to re-discover and experience the singular beauty and craftsmanship of hand woven fabric. Although we only have one retail presence in India currently, you can find yourself left mesmerised in the mastery, art and narrative represented within each hand woven fabric on our website.

So, if you ever find yourself in Varanasi, do come down to our store where there’s something for everyone!

Weaving Past into Present

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