As the winter gets into action, we’re sure that every single one of you must be dressed in the season’s exuberant prints and shapes in the sweetest and most muted hues. However, there is one accessory that is of paramount importance: the winter scarf. And while its purpose is practical, that doesn’t mean that it needs to compromise the rest of your outfit.

The motifs, floral and abstract prints and embroidery work in our scarves celebrate a deep and abiding love for nature, and draw from the rich heritage of India. In them you can find fragments of a true confluence of cultures, a point where our products transcend one region, one time and one language.

The Bengali, Gujarati, Rajasthani and Benarasi influences in our scarves are a truly syncretic culture in a multi-ethnic society of diverse symbolism - a pure amalgamation of opposing ideas and beliefs. Layered and playing with textures and surface techniques influenced by these cultural melting pots, the gleam and warmth imbibed in our scarves are used to tell stories of heritage that may have been forgotten by many. With practical and functional shapes to assist every day use, our scarves are a celebration of distinctive curves, balance and subtle refinement.

If you have a penchant for fine soft wool scarves with intricate embroidery, then this must be a part of your wardrobe. It adds an element of glamour to your look with Kantha embroidery running throughout. Basically, maintaining the requisite function of insulation of a scarf while still ensuring that it does not become the sum of the scarf’s merit. Whether layered over smart shirting, coiled around a bag strap or gracefully wrapped around the neck, this woollen scarf - otherwise known as autumn’s favourite accessory - provides the perfect touch of flair. Patterned, colour blocked or embroidered, it’s time to revel in its versatility.

It’s time to set your sartorial agenda. If January is all about renewal and regrowth, what better place to start than your wardrobe? And we’re not talking about an approach that strips you away from your existing wardrobe or going for basics. Well, that’s just basic. Think about the staple accessories in your ensemble from the last 12 months. Trends might change but the things you really like rarely ever do. So, if the exciting and luxurious touch of the woollen scarves, alongside detailed embroidery work and signature tassels gets you excited then get a load of this scarf that creates a unique point of difference and further elevates your entire ensemble.

This update on the Veave’s Studio blog is a selection of carefully chosen pieces that with a little layering here, and a sandal-to-boot switch-up there will take your right through the winter months of January, February and March.

Weaving Past into Present

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