Hand block prints, intricate embroidery and diaphanous weaving designs often describe the inspiration we seek from the things around us. They help us to translate this inspiration we take from nature and all its representations in ancient Indian arts and crafts on the scarves our artisans produce.

Spring Floral

As a brand that finds its roots in Indian history, our floral scarves created by local artisans are inspired by India’s rich heritage. Our artisans take inspiration from Mughal paintings, arts & crafts and create floral compositions that feature flowers and other natural patterns.

(Vase of flowers in marble relief on the dado of the Taj Mahal tomb chamber)

(Floral screen print in light pastel hues lend a fresh, spring like feeling to this linen scarf, designed with a soft, neutral base)

For example, the exquisite design of the scarf above was inspired by the Mughal-era paintings by Mansur - one of Jahngir’s foremost natural history painters. This deep understanding of historical Indian paintings is also, we believe, an ode to the time when the textile industry in India was at its peak. Noticeably, the floral pattern here was arranged in matching pairs so as to represent an oasis of spring flowers found in the well-known Mughal gardens and ancient texts/paintings.

For this reason, we just adore floral prints, as there’s something truly joyful about seeing great swathes of flowers being represented with such love.

(Soft Fine Wool with Kantha Embroidery)

Father Ocean

Featuring an eternal beauty like the ocean, this nautical scarf, a true ode to the maritime world, showcases waves and coral reefs through an imaginative set of motifs. Anchored in the central design, the curly waves run all over the centre of the scarf - illustrating nature in motion as the intertwined coral reefs and a set of pearls that come straight out of a semi-fantastic world in the middle.

Moreover, it’s not only the love for embroidered floral bouquets that make this scarf an absolute stunner. It’s also an artful understanding of the intersection of colour and this love for nature. Blue, like the ocean, is often described as peaceful, tranquil and serene.

And so you might find that we at Veave’s Studio encompass and represent a variety of different sensory emotions through colours, natural patterns and a profound understanding of our rich heritage.

Weaving Past into Present

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