A blend of naturalist and millennial globetrotter inspirations form the base of Teori Living - a carefully selected collection of sustainable home furnishing products. While some products feature intricate hand embroidery, others focus on a combination of seasonal fabrics and different shades. United, this confluence of elaborate embroidery imbibes a positive energy which is underpinned by the delicate sophistication of cotton, khadi, silk and fine soft wool.

In the Teori Living home furnishing collection, each product offers an intrinsic worth that interprets the rich heritage, culture and knowledge of India and Japan while being sensitive to our natural environment. The confluence of India’s rich sartorial heritage and the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi allows the authenticity in each product to shine through in the hand-knotted fringes of the table runners, the slightly uneven shades of the fabric in the tissue boxes & the textures of block printed cushion covers. Each of these tiny details is what makes every single product in the Teori Living home decor collection unique and a delight for the customer to behold.

~ What gave birth to the Teori Living home furnishing collection ~

With the west losing its control over the consumerism shift from factory produced products to sustainability, it’s likely that India will once again rise and continue to support some of the finest textile traditions passed down from generation to generation.

This journey we set upon started to:

  • Create sustainable livelihoods in the rural hinterland

  • Offer critical support in making our precious and rich art forms thrive

  • Spread our strong belief in eco-consciousness as the future

Each of our products - cushion covers, table mats, table runners and tissue boxes - had been created keeping in mind the sustainable approach to manufacturing magnified by the use of reclaimed fabrics.

Many of the products feature a blend of cotton and khadi, ghitcha cotton and wool. These not only help in transforming interior spaces with quality materials and a finish that is second to none but they allow for the home maker to add their own level of imaginative design.

Weaving Past into Present

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