First popularized during the Mughal Raj, the promotion of traditional Indian weaving techniques was an evolution in the Indian textile market. Established as the foremost symbol of Indian heritage, the use of Kantha and Chikankari embroidery and Jamdani weaving act as a symbol of timeless luxury easily recognizable in each of our scarves.

The new collection of soft, wool and pashmina scarves shine as good as a set of pearls! The graceful nature and earthy tone exuded by the collection lend an elegant refinement to your ensembles no matter how formal or informal.

The Autumn-Winter Vacation Edit

Because these pieces add a splash of slightly muted natural colours, you can pair these scarves with your favorite fuzzy top (or long coat) and a light shade pair of jeans.

Much like our summer collection, the scarves we’ve created for the winter season come in plush weaves. The weaving process dds to the coziness of the tassel-tipped scarves made extra long, so you can style it in a variety of ways. The blends of various fabrics add character, tenderness and structure to the scarf.

We love the embroidery work so beautifully crafted in all our scarves and stoles. They shine through like precious treasures from another time – as we use them to create a contemporary, new story.

Women Autumn-Winter

Moreover, they are an effortless form of fashion and we’re sure our aesthetic will meet perfectly, as we endlessly recommend more tips to spruce up your look. The delicate touch of the scarves, lent beautifully by the mix of pashmina and wool, and its natural warmth will put you in a feverish need to head out.

These scarves are playful with an edgy, effortless fashion. You can style them for an opulent effect or just toss it to tame the flyaways! We love how our scarves do all the work and would love to hear what you have to say too! Stay tuned for more recommendations and how to wear these trending accessories.

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Weaving Past into Present

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